Solar Led lighting products UAE


Solar led lights are specially design in to order illuminate the parks and protected public areas without disturbing natural ambiance of the park. Carmanah is a leading manufacturer of solar led lighting system applications. This system is works in scrutiny with the environment of the park and at the same time provide the required lighting level fulfilling the aspiration of the public parks etc. Combining performance with intelligence i.e Advanced occupancy sensing (AOS) activity the light at the sense of motion differentiating our products from its competition significantly. Because of these specifier- grade performance and features, carmanah EG solar lights are trusted by municipal, governments and commercial organizations worldwide, making them ideal for application at streets, parking lot, park and pathways. .


Being in this business for over a decade, we specialize in solar powered street lights and offer a cost-effective product with exceptional Quality and endurance. Our system Tool is a one of its kind application that uses weather data to configure the fixture accordingly, resulting in a lighting system that gives 100% performance round the clock regardless of weather changes. These Solar street lights are equipped with State of the art Cree Led Lamps custom- wired with technically engineered LED drivers and charge controllers, providing a unique product offering 50,000-100,000 working hours and exceptional lumens per watt for illuminating your Streets and pathways etc. These luminaires are IP Outdoor rated and can withstand extreme weather and temperatures i.e up to 130-150 mph and are protected against sand, rain in high winds and dust. Its unique integrated design i.e enclosed battery box not only helps prevent vandalism, but also makes it easier to install and cost effective. Our product meets IES Standards and is IDA dark sky approved and we back the quality of our product.


Solar garden lights are referred for the purpose of illumination of public places or gardens and the aim is to enhance security accessibility, night time safety etc. The use of solar led as garden lights is to help reduce energy consumption and for that reason EG garden lights features advanced occupancy sensing (AOS) which upon sensing the motion, activates the lights, thus maximizing the energy conservation when the areas are not in use. With its integrated and simple design it is easy to install as a single unit and thus saves installation cost. A perfect cost saving remedy for outdoor lighting in every way.


Solar Pathway lights are the most efficient and the affordable way for those who want to illuminate the driveway or brighten a path through the garden. Unlike the ordinary electric lights, Solar Pathway Lights doesnít need electricity because they charged from the sun, so they are most economical and environmental friendly. Solar based pathway lights offer a number of benefits as compared to the ordinary or general electricity base lights. They can be installed easily where they are most needed so they donít need a long extension or special installation of electricity. These Pathway Lights are not costly and time needed during installation. You can buy easily and get install immediately. These lights are the best demonstrations of technological achievements, because they donít need a heavy electricity expense. Furthermore, they are still charged even the day is cloudy. Ultimately, Mostly people preferred these lights because they cost efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly. They offer great comfort and saving money while helping protect the environment. So, you could choose it as a safe option by every point of view.